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Our Homeschooling Journey - The Beginning

We started homeschooling when my oldest daughter was going into Kindergarten. She was five and I also had a three year old and a ten month old. She really enjoyed preschool and I was one of those moms that said I'd never homeschool, but as the thought of her being away from our little family unit every day drew closer, I just couldn't do it. I didn't want to send her away, I wanted her to be home to bond with me and her siblings. Don't take that desire as confidence though. I was so afraid of messing up and didn't believe I had the patience for it. Life with 3 kids under 5 was chaotic. After months of talking it over, my husband and I came to the conclusion that we'd give it a try. One year. It wasn't a life long commitment, it was a step. By day three, I was in tears. I was so worried she (and I) wouldn't have any friends. This decisions wasn't an easy one. Since Kindergarten was 1/2 days, we still did play dates with friends and we were involved in a local mom's group that gave us somewhere to go on the regular. My fears were short lived.

We settled into a pace and routine that worked for us, and by the end of that year, I knew I wanted to keep going. I think my husband thought I would hate homeschooling and that would be the end of it. We'd send our kids to school like everyone else. Neither one of us could have predicted the journey we'd end up on.

This first year we were using a curriculum from Heart of Dakota and it was lovely. We read stories by Beatrix Potter and sang sweet songs. It was open and go and exactly what I needed. I had no idea at the time that it was a Charlotte Mason based curriculum. This was something years later I would circle back to and a lot of pieces would come together for me.

Although We were happy with our path, all of her friends were going to be in school full time and we needed to find some other homeschoolers. I knew a few others from our moms group and they were looking for something too. This need for community changed our path dramatically and for the good, bad and ugly we were quickly immersed into another world.

I will say I wish I had spent more time researching different homeschooling philosophies that first year. I think I might have made different choices, but we believe that God directs our steps so there's no real way of knowing. If you're on your own journey, this is a great place to start learning about the major different pedagogies. After ten years, I can say with confidence there is no one right way. You may feel led to a certain idea, then led to try something else. There is no perfect curriculum and it's ok to change your mind. I'll share another post about choosing curriculum. That deserves its own post all to itself!

Stay tuned for part two of our journey. Michelle

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