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Hosting a BIG Family Party

This past weekend, we celebrated our oldest daughter's 16th birthday. This was the the first post pandemic large family gathering we've had. To say we're out of practice for hosting a party of this nature is an understatement. We had somewhere between 30-40 people and thunderstorms were in the forecast. We are grateful to have a home that can comfortably fit a large amount of people and the layout of our home allows people to move freely from the family room, kitchen, dining room and the formal living room, which we use as a school room. We have invested in folding tables and chairs, so we had enough seating for all. My biggest worry is always about the food - mostly if there will be enough. I opted to let Costco give me a hand and ordered some sandwich trays, purchased mac and cheese, salads and chicken fingers. We had chips, dips, wings and sushi for appetizers. And my mother in law made two family favorites - rice balls and eggplant parmesan to round out the meal. One of our biggest struggles however, is how to keep the hot food hot. Enter these Buffet Food Warmers from Mega Chef.

My sister had these when she hosted us for Easter dinner and we packed them up that night to bring to our house for our party. They were perfect! They come with these food trays, but we were able to use two foil 1/2 trays or one full foil tray in place of the provided trays. They kept the food perfectly warm, but didn't burn it. And were a lot easier than the sterno warmers that may, or may not, stay lit. We were able to fit two side by side on one of our counters and I would definitely use them again! Do you have any party hosting favorites?

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